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About P&H

Pritchett & Hull Associates, Inc. is about people, the health care professionals we serve, our employees who do the serving and the patients being cared for.  It has been our goal since 1973 to provide high quality patient education materials with integrity and a friendly, professional attitude.  Feedback from our customers shows us that they agree.

We work with teams of professionals to develop patient education materials that are easy to understand.  Our style is a combination of anatomical art, drawings and photos.  We believe that humor, used properly, goes a long way both in helping people recover from illness and in adopting a more healthy lifestyle.

Our distribution covers the U.S., Canada, Australia and many other countries.  To get to know our customers on a personal level, we attend national exhibits.  This interaction produces feedback that helps us in the development of new and updated products.

We are also actively involved in creating patient education materials to meet the needs of different markets; the workplace, healthcare networks, home health and others.  Our first customers and new customers alike are important to us.  We understand that they are an important part of our development team.

The employees of Pritchett & Hull are an integral part of getting an excellent product developed and delivered.  Each tries to develop his or her professional potential and to contribute to the success of our mission.

Our Mission

We believe that everyone has a right to know as much as they can about their health.  Our goal is to provide enough facts to get the important points across.  We do this with medical accuracy, warmth and humor.  The result:  less tension, more healing and a good idea of what to ask your health care team.

Please join us in our efforts to provide the best health information possible.  With your help, we look forward to many more years of bringing you innovative materials.


Our website is funded entirely by Pritchett & Hull Associates, Inc. is updated weekly to help health educators find the quality educational materials they need to help their patients get connected with their health. P&H materials and content on this website should support, not replace, the relationship that exists between patient and physician. P&H News is provided by the editorial staff, not medical professionals.

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